September 18th and 19th, Lisbon

Fado Museum

The Fado Museum exists since 1998. It is a place dedicated to the art of the most Portuguese song. The museum is in charge of the dissemination and promotion of spoils of many personalities linked to Fado, interpreters, guitarists, authors, professionals or amateurs. With its own Auditorium, there are temporary exhibitions, seminars, live performances and other events. The structure of the Museum houses several areas, namely a terrace, where one performs other activities.

Caixa Stage

Down the hill from Alfama to the Tejo river, the CGD Stage was thought purposely for this Festival to receive major concerts.

Palco Casa Ermelinda Freitas / Largo das Alcaçarias

Palco Santa Casa (Largo das Alcaçarias)

Is one of the most famous and curious places of the neighborhood of Alfama. In Largo das Alcaçarias one can found one of the many fountains of warm water, where, in ancient times, the nobles used to bathe in. If from these waters one expected healings, we can count on two special evenings of Fado.

São Miguel Church

Igreja de São Miguel

The Church of São Michael is one of the pearls of the city and, with all its solemnity, will perfectly serve to receive two nights of fado. Owner of a gilded coated chancel, this old monument started being reconstructed in 1673.

Santo Estêvão Church

Igreja Sto Estevão

Like many other buildings in Lisbon, also the secular Church of Santo Estêvão was partially destroyed during the earthquake of 1755. It was rebuilt in a process which was completed in the 19th century. In this place of spirituality, art can also be music, taking advantage of the momentum that the beauty of the structure, rich in sculptures, and a monstrance silver offers.

Palco Caixa Futuro - Sociedade Boa União

Sociedade Boa União

Meeting point of the people of Alfama, it is in the Sociedade Boa União people gather for playful moments and good disposition. Amongst games and other activities, it is one of the places for the residents of the neighborhood of Alfama.

Centro Cultural Dr. Magalhães Lima

Centro Cultural Dr. Magalhães Lima

Social space and promoter of neighborhood traditions, it brings together every year the party that makes the popular March of Alfama. Founded in 1975, will gain another life with fado that will echo.

Grupo Sportivo Adicense

Grupo Sportivo Adicense

With almost one hundred years old, in the Grupo Sportivo Adicense the residents of Alfama find a thousand and one fun activities, pedagogical and artistic works, arranged so as to invigorate the Neighborhood and entertain people.

Lavadouro de Alfama

IMG_2576One of the surprises of Caixa Alfama will be the new stage that will be in the old Laundry space. Considered one of the most emblematic places of Alfama’s neighborhood.